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Langley Crew

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Virginia State Champions

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What's New With Langley Crew?


We have adjusted our practice hours to keep the numbers low for each session. Remember,  these practices are for returning and new athletes and there is no costs for attending. We are not allowed to use any equipment (i.e; ergs) but it is our own fabulous coaches who are conducting the practices. Please help spread the word!

Practice will be on Saturdays at Langley High School at 9am for Women’s Team and 11am for Men’s Team.  There are specific procedures we must follow to be safe:

  • Only students who have completed their physicals, submitted them to the school, and had them processed by the school may attend.  If you submit your physical on Friday, it may not be processed in time for this Saturday.

  • Each athlete must bring a completed FCPS Emergency Care Card to submit to the coaches before their first practice.

  • Facemasks are required.  Athletes will be permitted to remove them during practice when they are more than 10 feet apart.

  • No more than 10 people may arrive at the same time. 

Accordingly, the arrival schedule is as follows.  Please be prompt:

  • 9:00 – Girls with last names A-F.   -Departure at 10:33
  • 9:05 – Girls with last names G-M. -Departure at 10:38 
  • 9:10 – Girls with last names N-S.   -Departure at 10:43
  • 9:15 – Girls with last names T-Z.  -Departure at 10:48
  • 11:00 – Boys with last names A-F. -Departure at 12:33
  • 11:05 – Boys with last names G-M. -Departure at 12:38
  • 11:10 - Boys with last names N-S. -Departure at 12:43
  • 11:15 – Boys with last names T-Z. -Departure at 12:48 

 If you are carpooling in a way that crosses more than one group, message Coach Kevin in advance so adjustments can be made to keep us within the 10-person at a time limit.

Each athlete will be asked the following questions upon arrival:

  • Any fever?
  • Any cough?
  • Any difficulty breathing or shortness of breath?
  • Any loss of taste or smell?
  • Do you have at least 32 oz of water?

If the athlete has any of the first 4, or does not have sufficient water with them, they cannot attend practice.  They also will have their temperature taken.  If it is 100.4 or higher, they cannot attend practice. 

FCPS requirements: 

ALL student-athletes who participate in optional conditioning days will be required to have a VHSL physical and concussion education completed and on file in the Activities Office. Also, a student-athlete will be required to turn in a completed emergency care card to his or her coach.

Completed VHSL physical and concussion education forms can be scanned and emailed to Beth Longo ( or mailed directly to Langley HS, 6520 Georgetown Pike, McLean VA 22101. Attn: Activities Office.

All forms can be found here

Also, all student athletes arriving for conditioning workouts will “check- in” outside of Door 12. Please wait in your vehicle, while we review the paperwork required (Physical, Concussion education, ECC) and the now “standard” Covid-19 related questionnaire before proceeding up to the Stadium entrance to park.

Student-athletes should also log into their account and select what sport(s) they will be attending for the conditioning workouts by clicking the following link. to help expedite the check in process. (This only needs to be done ONCE by the student athlete.)


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