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Crew is not a “drop off sport”—we need a lot of parent help—which means you have an excuse to hang out, stay involved, meet your kid's friends, and generally be a bigger part of their life.  Our regattas are run entirely on volunteer power.

Each Langley Crew family is required to complete Four volunteer assignments throughout the season, with at least One parent volunteer assignment at our local VASRA regattas and One as a bus chaperone for water practice in the spring. Parents who are unable to bus chaperone are required to volunteer at a second regatta, or at a VASRA/Occoquan workday.  Parents may then choose to fulfill their remaining Two required assignments from any of Langley Crew's Team Support roles or by choosing another Bus Chaperoning day or Regatta slot.  Team Support roles include things such as participating in team work groups, helping with special events and team activities, or assisting our launch team in the pre and post season. 

Reimbursement Form:

  • Please complete this form to request reimbursement for Regatta and team support items. 
  • You can email this form along with scanned receipts to

Questions?  E-mail the team

VASRA - Stake Boat Holder Position

Here are the instructions.

Bus Chaperone Information

Attention! Important Information for Bus Chaperones:
If you signed up to be a bus chaperone, thank you, you are well on your way to meeting your Crew volunteer requirements! As you may know, bus chaperones are now required to be certified by FCPS. The good news is this is a one-time process and your certification will be valid for future years with FCPS. 

Instructions for FCPS Certification Badging Process:

  1. Complete the 4 forms listed here. The $10.00 fee is covered by FCPS.
  2. Bring the completed documents and a state or federal issued photo ID to Langley. The date will be Friday Feb. 3.
  3. Meet with the FCPS representative who is a Notary Public and complete the certification process.  It should take about 5-10 minutes, but please understand that there may be others ahead of you so patience is appreciated.

Note – If you can’t make the date or the date has passed you’ll need to Contact Beth Longo, LHS activities office administrator: and provide her with your full legal name, e-mail address and cell phone number - This Must be done 48 hours prior  to going to  8115 Gatehouse Rd Falls Church VA (Admin offices in Merrifield) to complete processing. 

Three Categories of Volunteering 

Bus Chaperone

BUS CHAPERONE Sign up Genius

One of the most popular features of Langley Crew is the bus service we offer to and from the practice venue at the Occoquan Reservoir.  However, we are not permitted by FCPS to offer this service unless a parent rides each of our two buses as a chaperone.  This is a relatively light duty – bring a book, however if you are able to assist with any on-shore organization it will be appreciated.  It is also possible to perform this duty with young children accompanying you.  Essentially you ride the bus to the Occoquan, spend the practice time relaxing or enjoying the park and then return on the bus after practice.  In 2017, Fairfax County started to require that all chaperones complete a background check and receive an identification card from the county. LCBC will assist you with completing the paperwork and registration process.  

Parent Volunteers are needed Monday-Friday afternoon (3 pm - 7:30 pm) during the Spring season to chaperone our bus transportation to the Quan.

You can email our Transportation Coordinator Chrissy Connor

Regatta Support

Regatta Sign up Genius

Our regattas are run by parent-volunteers from all participating schools. Regatta support is the most important volunteering you'll do.  

Once you do sign up for a regatta--and we ask that you sign up for at least one--it is critical to show up otherwise the team will be fined by VASRA.

We are also looking for parents to become launch drivers for the upcoming regatta season. This is "the best seat in the house" during regattas. There is training involved for launch driving and previous boating experience is essential.   

You can email our Volunteer Coordinator at:

Team Support


Help with team dinners, fund-raising, spring break, and so much more.

Boats and Oars, our biggest fundraising event is in February.  We will need parent volunteers to help with driving our athletes on their routes. When the time comes, please sign up to help us with this great event.

We also need parents to "launch the launches" at the start of fall learn-to row and spring training and then to "land the launches" at the conclusion of those seasons.  Volunteers are also needed to help set up and then take down course markings at the start and end of regatta season.

You can email our Volunteer Coordinator at:

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