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Langley Crew - Wish List

Langley Crew Equipment "Wish List"

The following equipment items are on our “wish list,” to be acquired if and when funds become available.  If you are interested in helping us acquire one of these items,  please contact

Item Investment Status
Naming rights for new Vespoli "8+" $10,000 Donated in 2014/15
"4+" shell to replace the "Kestrel" 2 x $10,000  
"8+" shell to replace the "Saxon Booster" 4 x $10,000  
New Occuquan launch dock and ramp $7,000 Donated in 2015/16
Cargo trailer for away regattas $5,000  
Set of 8 oars $2,600 Donated in 2015/16
New launch boat motors 2 x $2,000  
Upgraded boathouse storage racks $2,000  
New launch boats 2 x $1,250 Donated in 2014/15
Ergs 10 x $900 Donated in 2015/16
Shelving for LHS storage sheds $500  
Portable generator for away regattas $500