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Langley Crew - Stay Informed


Stay Informed

Langley Crew uses several communications platforms to keep families up to date with team activities, including team announcements, events, volunteer needs, regatta information, etc. 


Langley Crew Newsletter

Our weekly email newsletter is our primary means of communication, and the number one information source throughout the crew season. The newsletter contains changes to practice schedules, event news, calls for volunteers, and everything else you need to keep up with Langley Crew.





We use the Groupme chat app to send texts to large distribution list. Join the Langley Crew Parents Groupme group to get updates on changes to practice schedules, last-minute updates on events, and Regatta results. To join the chat group, you will need to download the free app.





Follow Langley Crew on your Flickr account to access all our most recent team photos at our Flickr Site




You can access all our most recent Langley Crew videos at our Langley Crew YouTube page


Regatta Results

VASRA will no longer be using Twitter to post regatta information, including results, as the algorithm doesn’t support the most recent information showing up first. Twitter will be replaced with Mastodon for the 2023 season.

To join VASRA’s Mastodon :

You can access the VASRA Mastodon server through a browser ( or by downloading a mastodon client (I know that there are clients for Android and IOS).  

Whichever method you try, you will be prompted to create a user login (if you use the browser link above, you will be able to see the content of the server without logging in).

If you are using a client, the name of the server you want to connect to is  Depending on the client, you may have to select "local" in order to see all of the content of the server.

You can get help on Mastodon here: